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London lights, 2018. Photo © Carla Gimeno Jaria


Flat Time House

210 Bellenden Road, London, SE15 4BW
26 Feb 2019

Sound performance and in-coversation event

Artists and Researchers

Naz Balkaya (Panicattack Duo), Giulio Dal Lago, Marta Melià

Curated by

trans-curatorial collective

Roar explores the political implications of sound within our visual-saturated daily life. Through conversations, spoken word or live performances, artists, theorists and mediators will exchange thoughts, practices and debates questioning the automatisation of language and behaviours, while investigating the non-functional nature of human voice.

In a moment where our relationships with others, behaviours, and language have been translated into connective mechanisations, Bifo Berardi stresses how the embodied singularity of the voice endures and sustains the principle of conjunction, by remaining outside of nowadays’ operational tendencies. The shift from conjunction to connection, he continues, has brought us to act uniformly under the economical and ideological premises of capitalism and neoliberalism.

'The voice is the bodily singularity of the signifying process, and cannot be reduced to the operational function of language.'

Franco Bifo Berardi, The Uprising. On Poetry and Finance, 2012

Taking as a departure point Berardi's discourse, Roar emerges as a platform to question and rethink the functionalisation of human behaviour and systems of communication. Roar aims to explore the political implications of sound and potential of the voice in collaborative exchanges with a number of artists, theorists and mediators. As a result, all the events will be recorded without including any visual aftermath, aiming to divert our longing for visual language and empathising with the inherent nature of the voice.

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