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Koppel X Gallery Space,

48 Piccadilly Circus, Regent St, London, W1B 5RA
13 - 25 May 2022


Naz Balkaya, Giulio Dal Lago, Gianna T, Hypereyess, Sister Punch, Jesse Tadini Rybolt

Curated by

Laura Callegaro

A group show including a sound and performance event, SOFTCORE brings together six international young artists working in London and takes place in the heart of the UK capital, just under Piccadilly Lights.

The show explores contemporary experimental ways of envisioning music, sound, and performance art, with a focus on millennials and Gen Z conditions and multidisciplinary collaborative work as a response to the capitalist pace and lifestyle.

SOFTCORE uncovers the polarity between industrial and gentrified, peripheral and central areas of the city, through mixed media such as video, installation, and painting, while exploring how bodies, visceral feelings, infrastructure – but also neoliberalism language and entertainment – merge nowadays.

Performance schedule - PV 12 May 2022:

· Hypereyess 7.15 pm
· Naz Balkaya & Giulio Dal Lago 7.45 pm
· Jesse Tadini Rybolt [Aanthropocene] 8.15 pm
· Sister Punch [Giulio Dal Lago & Gianna T] 8.45 pm

Photos © Anya Shilonos

Special thanks to Art Haxhijakupi for supporting me and the artists during this project.

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